Polaris XP 1000 race build information

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If you are building a Polaris XP 1000, here is some information you will need. The part of the frame you must keep is the 2 main inner 1.75" round tubes that run front to rear. The 2 inner frame bungs that connect the front frame section to the rear frame section. These bungs can be welded and reinforced but they can not be removed. The rear formed plate that the 4 link arms and rear engine mount, bolt to. The entire plate must be kept. This plate can be reinforced. This is the minimum parts of the stock frame that must be kept. The rest of the frame can be kept but is not required. Any or all of the cross members that connect the 2 inner 1.75" tubes can be reinforced or removed. All suspension mounting points must stay in the stock location. They can be reinforced. The factory 1.25" door bars should be removed, to allow for the required 1.5" upper door bar and "X" bracing. All roll cage tubes should be a minimum 1.5" x .095, chrome-moly is recommended. Please contact Cory S with any questions. utvra@hotmail.com 602-769-6164

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