BITD UTV Tech fees

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The UTV tech fee at BITD is $30.00. ($5 of the $30 goes towards an award called "the every mile award") The question has been raised why UTV's pay a tech fee at BITD races. Back in 2005 when I (Cory Sappington) created the BITD UTV class, Casey Folks (owner of BITD) asked me if I would; write the rules, manage the class and tech the UTV's, I agreeded. He in return promised to charge the UTV's the same amount for entree fees as the pro motorcycles and allow me to charge a tech fee to cover my costs, time to tech and manage the class. (at this years Mint 400 the entree fee amount for UTV's was $1200 the entree fee amount for the Buggy's and trucks was $1800.) So the UTV races at the Mint 400 saved $570.00 in fees with the current program. Over the past 9 years every UTV racer that has ever called or emailed BITD was directed to me to answer any UTV questions. I'm sure you all can imagine how many phone calls and emails I have responded to. In the month leading up to the UTVWC race I responded to over 1000 calls and emails. Just a few things that would change if the UTV's get teched by the car truck guys; no late tech or tech at the start line, longer wait times to get through tech, no tech guy to call and ask how to get started or ask questions, much higher entree fees, etc... I have been teching for BITD for 9 years and tech for CORR and Lucas Oil for 6 years. Trust me I know what I am doing. It is the policy of BITD to not turn away any racer that shows up to race unless the tech director feels the have a safety violation that could injure themselves or others. Yes I have never turned away a racer. In 9 years we have never had and injury in the UTV class with the exception of my wife. Here injury was due to my driver error not the equipment. I currently bring 3 or 4 guys with me to help with UTV tech they do get paid to do this job. Casey Folks is not a big fan of checking engines. I however felt this year it was time to start checking. I bought the equipment and checked them at Parker. I will be checking them again maybe 2 more times this year. The next time I check engines I will be sealing them so no post race engine check will be necessary, just checking the seals. We all know I'm a racer and the tech guy. Is this a conflict, only if you think I would cheat or favor 1 team over another. Anyone that knows me knows that would never happen! I say who better to tech UTV's that another racer that understands the class and machine. I am 100% honest, fair and would absolutely never cheat or allow any other team to cheat! To be comfortable racing BITD you have to accept that. Just like you accept that Casey Folks is running a fair and honest series, remember he has kept me in this position for 9 years. I'm sure I must be doing a good job or he would have gotten rid of me long ago. I hope this explains the UTV tech fee at BITD.

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